Walnut Brown

    • Flattering curves make them easy to wear and to style.
    • Handmade in Italy from raw materials to assembled product.
    • Crystal clear vision through the highest quality lens available.
    • Can be worn casually, for smart functions and for sport.
    • Unique nose piece makes it comfortable to wear all day.
    • 100% UV block of the eye area, cheekbones and temples.
    • Designed & Patented by Award Winning Dr Vanita Rattan, Hyperpigmentation Specialist.
    • Dimensions: Lens = 14.5cm width x 6.5cm height
  • About Dr V Sunglasses: The World’s First Anti-Pigmentation Sunglasses

    Patented Dr.V Sunglasses are designed to give people who are prone to pigmentation a chance to breath, relax and live their lives without fear of sun damage on prominent facial areas.

    Many people feel like they can’t go out as their pigmentation gets worse every time.

    This skincare & lifestyle tool will allow you to go out and enjoy all the activities you wanted to do carefree and safe in the knowledge you are protected from the harmful effects of the sun on your skin.

    Each piece is handmade in a boutique Italian factory using only Italian materials, this is to ensure the quality of the product would be the best in the world.