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Dr Vanita Rattan launches the world’s first anti-hyper pigmentation sunglasses


Created by leading aesthetic doctor and hyperpigmentation expert Dr Vanita Rattan, the ground-breaking ‘Dr V’ sunglasses were designed to give those who are prone to hyperpigmentation the ultimate protection. 

Whether it’s genetic or hormonal melasma or even just areas of hyperpigmentation on the cheekbones, these chic specialist sunglasses are designed to protect the delicate skin around the eyes from sun damage, and to stop existing damage from getting worse. “Many people feel like they can’t go out as their pigmentation gets worse every time they do. But these glasses allow you to go out in the sun and enjoy all the activities you want, safe in the knowledge you are fully protected,” explains Dr Rattan.

The Science:

Melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation that takes the form of brown patches on the face. It is often distributed symmetrically and affects mainly women with olive skin and darker (Fitzpatrick skin types III-V.) Sun exposure (without burning) is the most important triggering factor for melasma and UV radiation directly induces the increase of melanogenic activity, causing the development of epidermal pigmentation.

A huge 70-80%* of melasma is triggered by UV damage and starts on the cheekbones because it’s the highest part of the face and most open to sun damage. Dr V Sunglasses physically block 100% UV from the eye area, cheekbones and temples with their unique design and wrap-around shape. These are the world’s first sunglasses designed to combat pigmentation and they also have filters in the wide arms that block UV light completely. The design has been patented and has designed to be flattering as well as protecting the vulnerable skin.

These doctor-created sunglasses also help ensure that dark circles around the eyes don’t become worse with sun exposure. UV is the main cause for dark circles appearing worse with age as it triggers our melanocytes, the cells that produce our skins pigment, to over-produce melanin as a form of protection. In fact, 80-90%** of all premature aging – whether it’s dark circles, crows feet or age spots - is caused by UV damage. This photoaging is premature skin aging caused by over exposure to the sun’s rays and research shows that up to 90% of all symptoms of premature skin aging are caused by UV exposure.


The unique filters block UV whenever you wear them and allow the skin to start to repair itself. Normal sunglass arms are not tested for their ability to block UV, but because the Dr V Sunglasses are very large and measure 6.5cm in height (with the largest sunglass arms on the market) you’re guaranteed the maximum protection available in this delicate eye area. The benefit? These glasses can help to reverse early signs of melasma and help to prevent melasma relapse. 

Each piece is handmade in a boutique Italian factory using only Italian materials, this is to ensure the quality of the product would be the best in the world. They come in three colours: black, grey and brown and are designed to be gender neutral and fit well over headscarves. “The reason I created these sunglasses is because I know from my own clients that they don’t reapply sunblock every two hours as experts recommend. I suffer from melasma myself and it took three years to achieve the correct design and to patent the technology of these sunglasses that really do protect you,” she adds.



The Dr V Sunglasses launch in September 2019 starting from £195


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