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DrVSunglasses are only available from this website, they are not available in local stores in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

We do ship to ALL countries however (except South Africa).

We ship to all countries worldwide (except for South Africa).

We ship weekly to Europe, USA, Canada and Australia (allow up to 30 days).

You can see the measurements on the product webpages, and if it doesn't fit, you can return it within 28 days of purchase.

If you can measure your face from ear to ear, across the bridge of your nose (from front/top of ear near temples), and it is at least 27 cm (or 29 cm for men), the frames should fit you.

However, they are unlikely to suit/fit people with very small faces or noses.

DrVSunglasses may appear much larger than your regular pair at first, but once you get used to them and feel how protected your skin is, it will be hard to go back to small frames again!

DrVSunglasses are not available on prescription, they are normal UV400 lenses only.

The vision is crystal clear, but not-polarized.

They will not fit over other glasses, they sit relatively tight to the skin.

•  By blocking 100% of UV to the eye area, cheekbones and temples, melanocyte activity will reduce. This leads to less overproduction of melanin, and in early cases of melasma, a possible reversal.

• 80% of melasma starts on the cheekbones and it triggered by UV damage. 80-90% of the cause of premature aging is UV damage. The main cause for dark circles appearing worse with age is UV triggering the melanocytes further and thinning skin around the eyes that occur with age.

• Unique lens filters block UV rays whenever you wear them, which allows your skin to start to repair itself.

You could be on the equator in peak summer but your protected skin will behave as if it is winter

1. You need to top up with 1 tsp of a broad spectrum sunblock every 2 hours on the face for optimal UV protection. Women who wear make-up find this difficult and it is impractical most of the time to remember.

2. You do not know when your sunblock stops working or if you have applied enough to be effective

3. You only need 1 minute of direct sunlight on melasma prone skin to trigger the melanocytes, which can happen in between sunblock top ups.

4. You may not like wearing SPF50 if it leads to acne or a white cast on the skin, which will stop you from suing it correctly.

• It doesn’t disturb your make up

• It looks good with hats and headscarves

• Men and women can wear them

• Keeps you looking younger. The main cause of melasma, dark circles and aging is UV damage

• No white colour from sunblock on the face

• You know that you are fully protected when wearing them compared to sunblock which you need to re-apply every 2 hours

• Our Italian design Looks stylish and is loved by Bloggers and Doctors globally

It has been designed to suit both men and women.

• Apply a thick layer of a pure emollient(no actives) in the morning

• Physical sunblock with 20% Zinc oxide or titanium dioxide 

• Re-apply your sunblock every 3 hourson top of your makeup. Whenever you are outside wear your wide brimmed hat and anti-melasma Dr V sunglasses.

• 2 hours before sleeping remove make up, wash your face with cold water for 1 minute to reduce any inflammation, wash with a simple wash and then micellar water.

• Apply a generous layer of your pure emollient, let it sit on top of the skin so you know you have applied enough.

• Dr Vanita Rattan is the World’s only Hyperpigmentation specialist for skin of colour. She pioneered a revolutionary treatment at The Hyperpigmentation Clinic to treat dark, stubborn hyperpigmentation for sensitive darker skin.

• She has treated over 25,000 cases of hyperpigmentation with a 95% success rate and was the youngest person to win the British Medical Association book awards.

• She also did a study on her clients to better understand why some client’s melasma treatments were more successful than others.

• She realised that a large part of it came down to aftercare compliance, specifically of the Sunblock. People who wore their SPF50 every 2 hrs had much better results. However, wearing sunblock every 2 hours is very inconvenient, so she thought about her own melasma and what the ideal solution would be. This is where the anti pigmentation sunglasses idea was born. It took 3 years to achieve the correct design and to patent it.

18th October 2019 We launch to help people globally reverse early melasma, improve treatment success rates and prevent relapse. These sunglasses also prevent dark circles from worsening, prevents premature aging around the eye area and prevents early cataracts that happen purely due to UV damage.

• She is constantly researching how to help patients with Pigmentation. 



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We ship weekly to Europe, USA, Canada and Australia (allow up to 30 days).

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