About Dr. Rattan

About Dr V. Ratton

Dr Vanita Rattan is the world’s first hyperpigmentation specialist for skin of colour.

She pioneered a revolutionary treatment at The Hyperpigmentation Clinic to treat dark, stubborn hyperpigmentation for sensitive darker skin.

She has treated over 25,000 cases of hyperpigmentation with a 95% success rate and was the youngest person to win the British Medical Association book awards.

She also did a study on her clients to better understand why some client’s melasma treatments were more successful than others. She realised that a large part of it came down to aftercare compliance, specifically of sunblock.

People who wore their SPF50 cream every 2 hours had much better results. However, wearing sunblock every 2 hours is very inconvenient, so she thought about her own melasma and what the ideal solution would be.

This is where the anti pigmentation sunglasses idea was born. It took 3 years to achieve the correct design and to patent it.

On 18th October 2019 we launch to help people globally reverse early melasma, improve treatment success rates and prevent relapse. These sunglasses also prevent dark circles from worsening, prevents premature aging around the eye area and prevents early cataracts that happen purely due to UV damage.

She is constantly researching how to help patients with hyperpigmentation.

Her skincare brands include The Hyperpigmentation Clinic, Dark Circles Clinic, DrVSunglasses and Skincare by Dr V.